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Hi there, if your reading this there is a 100% chance you have found our blog- you have great taste! Thanks for stopping by. 

So we're assuming that by clicking on this tab you want to know a bit about us. So here's ten fun facts:

1. We're two cousins from Australia who LOVE cooking. As an excuse to cook more we decide to  start this blog. As you have probably already gathered we have a teensy bit of a sweet tooth but if Natasha gets her way you may see some savory goodness sneak through. 

2. Choc chip muffins were the first thing Alexia baked.

3. Alexia is a perfectionist when it comes to presentation. This drives Natasha bananas. 

4. Speaking of bananas, they're Natasha's least favorite fruit.

5. We're Italian, and yes our Nonna cooks great food. We love helping her in the kitchen.

6. Our mums hate cooking.

7. We're really bad at telling jokes, so if we ever try in our posts and make you cringe, we ask that you forgive us. 

8. Worst baking disaster: Honeycomb exploding all over the stove (Hence why it wasn't a post).  Hopefully you've never experienced - and will never experience - this disaster. There is absolutely no way to stop honeycomb exploding over a pot that was too small to make it in. It sticks to everything, the hot stove only burning the sugary mix more and making a black tar that stains like anything. Learn from my mistakes, okay? Make sure you use a big saucepan when making honeycomb or suffer your worst nightmare.

9. Our foodie inspirations: Adriano Zumbo, Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver (this one's a given), Nigella Lawson and other food bloggers (too many to mention) who inspire us with their love of all things food.

10. We love coffee (STEREOTYPICAL) and yet we haven't posted a recipe with this delicious ingredient. Well, not yet anyway. Seeing as Alexia basically lives off coffee, the time will come where she'll try and post dozens of coffee recipes. Natasha won't let her though.

Now you know a little bit more about us, so you're probably incredibly bored. We've come up with a suggestion to fix this though: go take a browse around the rest of our blog! 

Thanks for reading!

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